Beyond Reasonable Doubt!  Why I could find Casey guilty of murdering her daughter, and be able to sleep at night.

By shyloh

"Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is proof that leaves you firmly
convinced of the defendant's guilt. There are very few things in this
world that we know with absolute certainty, and in criminal cases the
law does not require proof that overcomes every possible doubt. If,
based on your consideration of the evidence, you are firmly convinced
that the defendant is guilty of the crime charged, you must find him
guilty. If on the other hand, you think there is a real possibility
that he is not guilty, you must give him the benefit of the doubt and
find him not guilty."

The above statement is an example of what the judge in a trail might use to instruct the jurors before they begin their deliberations in an attempt to come to a verdict at the end of the Casey Anthony trial.

Here are some of the facts associated with this case that will probably be admissible as evidence in the case and as such be submitted to the jury for consideration in their deliberations:

1. Casey didn't report Caylee missing for 31 days and was seen out partying, etc during the time she was missing.
2. Casey was documented as the last person to see Caylee alive, (possibly dead as well.)
3. After Casey's auto was found abandoned, the smell of death coming from the car was reported by several people including Cindy, George, Lee, Detectives and the tow truck operator.
4.Grandmother Cindy reported her missing.
5. Lying to Law Enforcement about everything. Making false statements, making up false names of who she told about missing Caylee. Telling the Police that she was working at Universal Studio when she was fired from there two years prior.
5.Casey's original story changed from dropping Caylee off at Sawgrass Apartments, at an apartment had been proven to be vacant for some time, to the nanny knocking her to the ground and her sister taking Caylee at Blanchard park.
6.Stealing gas cans and "friends,parents, and grandparent" checks or monies.
7. Not one friend, not even family members have met the "nanny" or spoke to her. Never heard Casey on the phone with her. And no phone numbers.
8.Searches done on the computer at the Anthony home for homemade weapons, neck breaking, missing children, chloroform, mom Cindy was ruled out due to her work schedule. I rule out dad George and brother Lee because Casey was the last person to see Caylee alive and or dead.
9.Police Cavader dogs hitting in the trunk of Casey's car, and two places in the back yard, by the playhouse and the sandbox.
10. Parents and Lee seeking Full immunity to help convict Casey. They know something

In conclusion, given these facts, I think that there is a high probability that a jury will find her guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of murdering her daughter. 

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