Judge Stan strickland

Time-line of the Caylee Anthony Case

June 9

Casey Anthony says she drops her daughter
Caylee Marie Anthony off with a baby-sitter
named Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez. When
she goes to pick up her daughter later that
day, they are gone, according to Casey's
account. Casey begins her own "investigation"
to find Caylee.

June 15

However, investigators determined that Caylee and
her grandmother visited a relative at a nursing home,
six days after Casey said her daughter went missing.
This is the last time Cindy Anthony sees Caylee alive.

June 18-20

A neighbor sees Casey back her car into the driveway
of her parent's home. Later that day Casey
borrows the neighbor's shovel.

June 27

Casey Abandons her white Pontiac Sunfire at an Amscot
Financial store parking lot at Goldenrod Road and
Colonial Drive.

June 30

Casey's car is towed from the Amscot Financial
store parking lot.

July 15

Casey allegedly receives a brief call from
8:08 P.M.
Casey's mother Cindy Anthony drives Casey to a
closed Orlando police substation. She wants her daughter
arrested for stealing the family car and money. There is
confusion on which agency will handle the report. Casey
begs her mother for more time to locate the child.

8:44 P.M.
Cindy Anthony goes home and calls the Orange County
Sheriff's Office to send a deputy to her home to arrest her
daughter Casey. She also reports a "possible missing

July 15

9:41 P.M.
Cindy tells dispatchers her granddaughter has
been missing for a month. "I found my daughter's car
today, and it smelled like there's been a dead body in
the damn car."
Casey Anthony tells the dispatcher she has not seen her
daughter in "31 days."

July 16

Casey tells detectives a string of lies. Investigators
learn Casey was not employed where she said she was,
and the apartment where she dropped off Caylee had been
vacant for 142 days.

July 16

4:33 P.M.
Casey is arrested for child neglect, filing false official
statements and obstructing a criminal investigation.

11:16 P.M.
An angry Casey makes her first call from the
Orange County Jail. She curses at her relatives and tells
a friend the call was "a F*&*&^& waste." She asks repeatedly for her
boyfriend's phone number.

July 17

Judge John Jordan chastises Casey Anthony during her first
court appearance and denies her bail.

July 17

A cadaver dogs alerts to the odor of human decomposition
in the trunk of the car Casey drove. Investigators
find hair similar of Caylee's, dirt and a "questionable" stain
in the trunk. Detectives start the search of the Anthony
family's backyard after a cadaver dog alerts to a portion of
the yard.

July 22

Bond hearing reveals startling details; investigators say they
are looking at the case as a possible homicide and name
Casey Anthony as a "person of interest." Judge Stan Strickland
sets bond at $500,200. Defense attorney Jose Baez vows to
appeal the judge's decision.

July 24

Orange county Sheriff's Office releases two 911 calls. Cindy
Anthony tells reporters the foul order in her daughter's car
could have been a "dead squirrel," before that it was "pizza."

July 25

Casey parents and brother Lee Anthony visit her for
the first time since she is jailed. She is also visited by her
lawyer Jose Baez. Sheriff's investigators waited for nearly two
hours to talk to Casey Anthony before being denied the

July 25

Appeal Court receives Jose Baez's motion to order lower court
to reduce Casey Anthony's bond to $10,000.

July 29

Judge Stan Strickland denies the request to block the release
of records. "When push comes to shove I am going to err on the
side of the First Amendment every time," he said.

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