Search Day 2
Day 2: Search For Caylee Continues

Search-zonesVolunteers gathered again Sunday morning to continue the search for Caylee Anthony’s body.”

Caylee has touched and broken the hearts of everybody across the country,” said Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch, which operated a command center near Orlando International Airport. “It shows how everybody fell in love with this little girl they never knew.”

People from about 28 states, including Arizona, Iowa, New York and the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, joined EquuSearch to sweep through hundreds of wooded acres in Orange County, organizers said.

Among them was Dale Buster, 49, of St. Cloud, who tagged his T-shirt with “Caylee we are coming for you sweetheart.”Buster said he prays to find Caylee alive and safely in another state, although he acknowledges it is unlikely. After losing his daughter and, most recently, his mother, Buster said the Anthonys and families nationwide need closure.

“If we find the remains, that would hurt so bad,” Buster said. “But at the same time, we’ll know and we can say, ‘She’s in heaven.’ “

Volunteers disagree on whether Caylee is alive. But volunteer Debra Lopez, a grandmother from Winter Park, is convinced the child is dead. She said Caylee needs to be returned home for a proper funeral. Lopez, 48, joined an afternoon search team with her friend, Freddy Collazo, 48, of Tampa.

“The truth needs to come out,” Lopez said before boarding a search truck. “People are in agony.”

Orlando Sentinel   November 9, 2008
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