Can It Be Stopped

Can It Be Stopped?

When I was young, this is no lie

raw oatmeal I'd eat to stay alive.

Mom was there, but in the bed

When she awoke I feared with dread.

When I was only ten years old

the winters were so very cold.

No heat to warm our little home

in the closet I sat, all alone.

All I wanted was a little bite

empty cabinets, no food insight.

Holey shoes, I went to school

lunch time came, my belly full.

Home again, the same ole shit

bruises wore from being hit.

Extension cord, hanger, hickory stick

to name a few that make me sick.

Friendly neighbor whom all adore

seeked his pleasure behind closed door.

Asking for help to do his dishes

willing to work to fulfill his wishes.

Threats were made or I would pay

burned in my memory to this day.

At fourteen I worked to pay my bills

went to school even still.

I pulled through all of this you see

and rasied a happy family.

They do not know of all my past

of my mother they do not ask.

They know was bad for me back then

It took some time for me to mend.

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Help prevent child abuse if possible. This is only the surface of some of the things I suffered. I struggled to break the pattern, so my children would never have to go through what I did. I view life in a positive outlook, I do not relive my past. Though somethings trigger past memories.

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