Search Day 3
Divers Search River For Caylee

12:21 p.m. Leonard Padilla has two divers in the river at Jay Blanchard Park this afternoon to search for Caylee Marie.

One man is standing in the water, feeding a line to another diver using scuba gear. Visibility is low and that diver is only able to run his hands along the bottom, according to Rob Dick, who is helping Padilla.
Padilla said he has two other divers who could go in the water, but has opted to leave them out because he fears for their safety.

“What if an alligator sneaks across there, or something,” Padilla said.

Dick refused to name one of the divers and gave only a first name and nickname of the second diver. It’s unknown what, if any, training the divers have.

Orlando Sentinel  November 10, 2008


Padilla, who assisted Miller in the weekend search, took a dive team to Blanchard Park to search the Little Econ River for Caylee.

Padilla said he received a tip from a friend of Anthony’s, leading to the new search. Padilla said the friend showed him a picture of a cross that she had taken at Blanchard Park and it matched some arts and crafts that were in Anthony’s room.

“She could have easily gone to the park, taken the body out, ruptured the bag when she pulled the body out of the trunk — which left fluids in the trunk — gotten it all over herself, taken it to the edge of the water and dumped it in there,” Padilla said.

Padilla said that theory would explain a stain on one of Anthony’s shirts that her mother, Cindy Anthony, cleaned before it was turned over to investigators.

Channel 6 News   November 10, 2008

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